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Organizations that can benefit from our services include:
GoGreen Third Party Administrators (TPA's)
GoGreen Self-insured Employers
GoGreen Hospitals
GoGreen Independent Physician Associations (IPA's)
GoGreen Managed Care Networks
GoGreen Accounting Firms – Data Entry
GoGreen Legal Firms – Research, Case Histories Entry
Service Benefits:
GoGreen Significant reductions in cost.
GoGreen 24-48 hour turnaround on claims/forms processing.
GoGreen Elimination of management related issues.
GoGreen Project completion according to required time limit.
GoGreen Increased accuracy.
GoGreen Greatly reduced cost while NOT sacrificing quality.
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OutsourceBiz India assists clients with strategic planning to ensure that the maximum benefit is achieved through Business Process Outsourcing.
Every organization has unique characteristics which define what BPO strategy is best for them. OutsourceBiz provides strategic planning and consulting expertise to assist companies in developing a BPO solution that gains them immediate benefits, while creating a roadmap for how they will utilize BPO for long-term growth.

OutsourceBiz India BPO Strategy Process

BPO Strategy
Business Process Analysis

Proper analysis of the client's existing business processes is needed to identify the key bottlenecks which are creating inefficiencies in backoffice workflow. This in turn will create a blueprint for how the client should implement BPO to eliminate those bottlenecks.

OutsourceBiz Service Matching

Once the analysis has been completed, we will determine how our outsourcing services can best integrate with the client's organization. Depending on how aggressively the client wants to implement BPO throughout their enterprise, we can recommend both short-term and long-term solutions.

  • Claims receipt, sorting, and scanning
  • Data Entry (Dual Entry Validation 99% accuracy)
  • Repricing
  • Adjudication
  • Claims conversion to EDI
  • Workers Compensation Paper Claims
  • Claims data archival and retrieval
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